A publishing deal with Choc Lit!

Words that describe me today include chipper, cock-a-hoop, elated, and, of course, short (as usual).

My big news is that I’ve been offered a contract by award-winning, independent publisher Choc Lit. I’m hugely proud and delighted to be joining such a talented team of authors, and to be part of a really forward-thinking enterprise. I’m also more than grateful to Choc Lit and its tasting panel, who gave my work the thumbs up!

The very sunny day of my meeting with Choc Lit


The novel in question is Anna in the Works, a mystery with romance and funny bits, which is due out as an eBook later in 2014. It was shortlisted for Novelicious Undiscovered 2012, and, if you’re feeling keen, you can read an extract and some reader comments here.

Although my real name, Wartnaby, is very close to my heart, I can’t deny that it is a) a bit hard to spell, b) somewhat hard to say and consequently c) a challenge to remember. I’m therefore going to write as Clare Chase.

Anna in the Works was reviewed as part of the Romantic Novelists’ Association’s New Writers’ Scheme (NWS), as was the novel I’m working on now, and huge thanks go out to my readers for their advice. I’d definitely recommend the NWS to unpublished writers of any type of love story. It opens each January, and you have to be quick off the mark to get a place, so keep your eye on this pagewhen the time comes. In fact, before the time comes. Pouncing is required.

16 thoughts on “A publishing deal with Choc Lit!

  1. Thanks very much, Margaret! And for the nice comment and help with the smiley on Facebook – I don't know what I did last time, but whatever it was, it was wrong! :0)


  2. Welcome again to the Choc Lit clan – it's a great group. Look forward to reading your first book as I love mystery and romance so it sounds perfect!
    Angela Britnell


  3. Thanks so much, Anita – that's really kind! I have definitely been inspired by your posts on writing along the way. I love the sound of your work, so I'm looking forward to having the chance to read yours asap too! x


  4. Congratulations Clare! Fantastic news and I'm glad you cleared up the name thing as I couldn't place Clare Chase with your picture. All is now clear. Wishing you every success.



  5. Thanks so much, Sue – glad you got through the Clare Wartnaby/Clare Chase conundrum! I tried to swap over by degrees on Twitter etc, but that approach may have made it more confusing!! Best of luck with the release of Closing In – can't wait to read it! x


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