Derwentwater by the light of fireworks

Since You Think You Know Me was published in December, I’ve been using photos of various settings from the book to promote it. I love both London and the Lake District so I’ve got plentiful supplies. I have to confess, I’m not the greatest photographer though. It’s mainly DH and my daughters who keep me stocked up!

One of my favourites is this one, looking out across Derwentwater to Derwent Isle. I explained more about the island in the interview I did over at A Woman’s Wisdom last week, as well as talking about London (and quite a lot of other things besides)! Thanks so much to Ali for hosting me.

Derwentwater & Derwent Isle (640x311)

The photograph was taken from Crow Park at the beginning an evening when I saw Derwentwater as I never had before. For days we’d seen preparations afoot. Weird objects appeared on the lake: a floating tree, and what looked like a VW car. Finally, on 10th August 2012, we sat down on the grass with fish and chips from the Old Keswickian to find out what all the fuss was about.

And I’ve discovered I can share the experience with you, thanks to the very wonderful Dan Carlisle who skilfully recorded the evening and shared it on Vimeo.

So, if you’re up for darkening lake water, fireworks and something a little strange and rather fantastical, here it is, Water Fools (Fous de Bassin) by Illotopie:

6 thoughts on “Derwentwater by the light of fireworks

  1. What a gorgeous video, Clare – truly magical. Lucky you, being there in person.
    Using your own photos to promote your book is such a good idea. Digital cameras are so forgiving – you can take as many pics as you like until you get the perfect one. Very different from the olden days!

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