Loos Talk…

Finding public conveniences on a day trip to any city can be a bit hit and miss. If you’re simply after cleanliness (which does seem like quite a good principle) the most reliable of Cambridge’s facilities have to be those with on-site attendants. John Lewis and the Lion Yard municipal lavatories in town, as well … More Loos Talk…


With so many cyclists in Cambridge, you might think the city would be a friendly haven for people travelling on two wheels. In fact, it sometimes feels like a case of familiarity breeds contempt. I recently had to mount the pavement to avoid a bus travelling head on towards me, down my side of the … More Bike-U-Like

A Cambridge Quiz

Just for fun, here are some photographs featuring a range of locations around the city. Any idea where they were taken? When you’ve had a look you can find out by clicking here. The answer page also includes links to free audio walking guides to the city, produced by Stride Design. Location 1 Location 2 … More A Cambridge Quiz

Light Stuff – Mistakes – A Visit to the Hairdressers

Situation: at the hairdressers, where I was attended to by a man with waist-length blonde hair called Malcolm Mistake: declaring that I wanted a total re-style and – the height of idiocy – saying I would leave the details up to him Falsely reassuring conversation, leading to feeling of normality: revolved around water temperature, holidays … More Light Stuff – Mistakes – A Visit to the Hairdressers