Atmospheric Cambridge – cosy up at The Eagle

The weather's closing in here in Cambridge and conditions are perfect for holing up in a pub. One of the city's most famous is The Eagle. From my point of view, it’s significant because Nate and Ruby meet there for lunch in One Dark Lie. If pushed, I’ll also admit that it’s quite well known … Continue reading Atmospheric Cambridge – cosy up at The Eagle

Grantchester Meadows

As ever, I’m finding it hard to let go of summer. In the last week, the warmth’s returned to Cambridge, but it’s been overlaid with the signs of autumn. The spiders are everywhere in the garden and I need bike lights if I'm out after 7.30pm. 7.30! What happened? I’m also missing the freewheeling that … Continue reading Grantchester Meadows

A Visit to the Fitzwilliam Museum – Quentin Blake – Drawn by Hand

We had a wonderful time visiting the new Quentin Blake exhibition at the Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge, on Friday. The collection includes lots of pictures I’d never seen before, several of which had been created for hospitals in the UK and France. As well as the artwork, there are cabinets in the centre of the room … Continue reading A Visit to the Fitzwilliam Museum – Quentin Blake – Drawn by Hand

The Fort St George (in England!)

Yes, the full name of the oldest pub on the River Cam really is The Fort St George in England. Apparently it was named after another Fort St George – the original being the first British fortress in India. So, the “in England” bit is a useful reality check, in case you’ve forgotten which continent … Continue reading The Fort St George (in England!)

Partyish Pizza Express

I suppose the food at Pizza Express ought to be the same wherever you go, countrywide – which as far as I’m concerned is a good thing, since I’m a big fan of their pizzas. However, the company is creative when it comes to choosing venues, which gives each eatery a streak of originality too.Apropos … Continue reading Partyish Pizza Express

Cafe@the Library

The post-Christmas period seems like a good time for seeking out more frugal options for eating out in Cambridge. For a budget breakfast, lunch or tea, I really recommend the cafe at Cambridge Central Library in the Grand Arcade. The food’s delicious and imaginative and you can get a filling meal for £3 - £4. … Continue reading Cafe@the Library

Tatties Cafe Restaurant

Tatties Cafe Restaurant sometimes gets some poor reviews, but my most recent experience was positive. Being able to get a hot meal that really fills you up for around £6 is fairly good going in central Cambridge. My potato was nicely done, the jacket just right, with mountains of cheese and beans, and a reasonable … Continue reading Tatties Cafe Restaurant

Eating Out – The Eagle, Cambridge

The Eagle Pub in Bene’t Street, Cambridge, has a great atmosphere. It’s cosy, yet with a real buzz too, and has a number of separate rooms in which to eat or drink, each with reasons to recommend them. The back room is especially atmospheric. Known as the RAF bar, it’s covered with graffiti scrawled there … Continue reading Eating Out – The Eagle, Cambridge