Write Stuff – Help and Resources for Writers 1 – Mslexia website and magazine

Mslexia is the magazine for women who write. Its accompanying website: http://www.mslexia.co.uk/ is stuffed full of useful, free information for writers of all sorts.

Under the Get Published tab, you can find workshops to help you tackle everything from writing your first paragraph and choosing a title, to putting together your pitch to an agent or publisher. There is also advice from established literary agents and interviews with well-known authors which include top tips for first-time writers.

You can get an idea of the contents of the magazine here. I’ve been subscribing for several years now and it’s always crammed with interesting information, from author and industry interviews, to writing workshops (the current series on crime has been great), as well as new writing and a great listings section. It’s one of those publications where every page has been made to count.

There are also opportunities for women to submit their work for publication in the magazine.

The next issue (Apr/May/June) is the first following a revamp. Can’t wait to get my hands on it!

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