Write Stuff – Help and Resources for Writers 3 – Andrea Semple’s website

I haven’t seen any new books by chick lit author Andrea Semple in a while now, but her website still contains some real gems.
There seem to be a few problems with her homepage though (and several broken links elsewhere in fact), so it’s best to head straight for the About Me section for background info.
Sections of the site I’d really recommend are:
The collection of interviews with writers of women’s commercial fiction – there are umpteen of them, and they’re great if you like reading about other people’s creative routines and what inspires them to write (I love Janet Evanovich’s answer to this last question which is ‘My mortgage’.)
The newsletter sign up page – I’ve only just registered, but once you do, you get access to the newsletter archives, which cover 46 topics, from writing covering letters and approaching agents, to overcoming writer’s block. I have a feeling that the newsletter itself is not being issued any more, since the most recent one listed dates back to 2006. However, so long as you don’t mind giving your email details, it’s still a great resource. The newsletters are witty and irreverent as well as informative – a real pick-me-up if things aren’t going according to plan – and they’re almost entirely devoted to advice.

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