Write Stuff – Help and Resources for Writers 4 – Nicola Morgan’s blog

In the ordinary way I would be blogging away about how wonderful Cambridge Wordfest was but, in fact, it was London Marathon weekend. I therefore tore myself away and spent my time watching my other half, Charlie, scorching his way round the capital instead (in 2 hours, 42 mins – well worth travelling down to witness that!).
If I’d been around, one of the events I would have signed up to was Nicola Morgan’s Make a Publisher Say Yes! workshop. Though I was disappointed to miss it, Hannah Hooton, who has recently made an agent say yes, very kindly pointed me in the direction of Nicola’s brilliant blog, Help I Need a Publisher! which is packed with useful and well-indexed advice – as well as being great fun to read.
I’m looking forward to keeping a close eye on it from now on…

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