Novelicious, Platforms and Stage Fright

There’s a lot of talk these days about the need for aspiring writers to develop a platform. Whether it’s Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest, getting yourself out there seems to be the order of the day. Having been shortlisted for Novelicious 2012, I suddenly find I have an extra platform, and how do I feel? I’m just thinking of the right way to describe it. Ah yes, terrified, that’s it…
But I’m also enormously grateful to Novelicious for giving new writers a boost, and I know that the opportunity is something to grasp firmly with both hands, so in that spirit I can confirm that my entry is up today. You can leave comments on the site if you like, and from 5th June for two weeks there’s a public vote for the best entry.
It seems very appropriate that the latest in Novelcious’ excellent What do Literary Agents Want? series is also available on the site, discussing the importance (or otherwise) of establishing a platform.
I’ve read several interesting blog posts on the subject recently, and if you’re interested too, you might like to take a look:

Jody Hedlund on Pinterest

Jody Hedlund again on social media pet hates  

Nicola Morgan with multiple posts on Twitter for authors

And also on blogging (some posts overlap, since they cover both)

I’ve also searched the net eagerly for sites that say writers should hide in caves wearing dark clothing. Unfortunately, along with articles that say it’s healthiest not to take exercise, and that sweeping up leaves in autumn is pointless, they seem to be elusive.

4 thoughts on “Novelicious, Platforms and Stage Fright

  1. Thanks so much, Anita!

    I think Pinterest looks interesting too. I must admit, I hadn't heard that much about it until I read that post. Now I want to go and have a more in-depth look. Hope all's well with you!


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