Pass the Matchsticks…

Well, the results of the Novelicious Undiscovered 2012 competition are out now, and you can read the winning entries here.
It’s been great to be involved, and I’m really proud to have been shortlisted. Kirsty, Novelcious’ editor, was also lovely to deal with and has exciting news herself at the moment, a new book, Yours Truly, due out on 4th July.
I found waiting for the results quite tense, and the other thing that’s been affecting my sleep recently is my reading pile. I read Sophie Hannah’s wonderfully twisty and tense The Other Half Lives, quickly followed by SJ Watson’s Before I go to Sleep (aptly named because once you start, you realise you’ll have to read all of it, before you go to sleep.) I found the story deeply creepy, and the final explanation behind the main character’s situation satisfyingly believable. Here’s the book trailer:
Both highly recommended – but only if you’ve got plenty of coffee in stock to keep you going the following morning…

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