Tatties Cafe Restaurant

Tatties Cafe Restaurant sometimes gets some poor reviews, but my most recent experience was positive. Being able to get a hot meal that really fills you up for around £6 is fairly good going in central Cambridge. My potato was nicely done, the jacket just right, with mountains of cheese and beans, and a reasonable side salad with dressing. A cup of tea cost £1.75, but it was big – mug rather than cup quantities. The range of cakes on offer for pudding was also impressive and you can by beer or wine if you want to live it up. You queue up at the counter, rather than waiting at your table to be served. It’s not cordon bleu – the potato fillings aren’t wildly imaginative and the atmosphere’s definitely more cheap cafe than restaurant – but I’d certainly go back.

The Tatties I visited is at 11 Sussex Street, Cambridge, tel: 01223 323399.

2 thoughts on “Tatties Cafe Restaurant

  1. I used to go to the Tatties in Cambridge many years ago and get jack pot with ham and pineapple! My favourite place for lunch was The Copper Kettle where they used to do a great roast. Hope you have a great Christmas Clare.x


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