Cafe@the Library

The post-Christmas period seems like a good time for seeking out more frugal options for eating out in Cambridge. For a budget breakfast, lunch or tea, I really recommend the cafe at Cambridge Central Library in the Grand Arcade. The food’s delicious and imaginative and you can get a filling meal for £3 – £4. I’ve known two professional food photographers in my life, and having tried to make this plate of quiche and salad look attractive, I can understand why it’s a job you have to train for…

However, when I tell you the quiche was stilton and walnut, and that there were multiple salads to choose from, with dressing as required, and all for £3.85, I hope you’ll be convinced. The other quiche on offer was sausage and bacon, so there’s something for meat lovers too.

Pizza and salad cost £2.30 at the time of writing, baked potato £1.80 plus fillings at 80p each (beating Tatties on price…) and paninis start at £2.55.

One of the other great bonuses, of course, is that you can pick up a book on your way in and read and eat at the same time. 

You can find up-to-date cafe opening times here and, if you’re living it up, you’ll note from this page that it’s possible to buy a glass of wine to go alongside your meal (and indeed, mulled wine at Christmas time. I like that attention to detail). As you can imagine, it does get fairly busy at peak times, so it’s worth turning up early for lunch.


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