The 2013 e-Luminate Cambridge Festival

The Cambridge E-Luminate Festival has been taking place over the last weekend. It was the result of a collaboration between artists, educators, cleantech companies and researchers and involved an interesting array of lightshows, talks and demonstrations around the city centre.

This greenhouse shows off the work of artist, Susie Olczak, and its panes are the brainchild of an award-winning Cambridge company. Polysolar has developed thin-film solar PV glass – the first transparent alternative to traditional architectural materials – which generates renewable energy whilst letting in the light. I thought this seemed pretty darned nifty. The third collaborator on the installation was Barclay Electrical Contractors.
Cambridge University EcoRacing team’s solar car was also on display. It’s due to take part in the World Solar Challenge in Australia later this year. Apparently, it’ll be the Australian speed limit that controls the top rate at which it’ll travel!
And here’s Great St Mary’s. The west-facing windows took on the colours of Mediaeval stained glass, transforming from blue to yellows and reds, in a lightshow designed by artist David Mack using Pulsar’s Cambridge-manufactured LED lighting fixtures and amBX’s interactive lighting controls.

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