A Word Quiz for a Snowy Day…

In the style of Call my Bluff, here’s a word definition quiz to do by the fire whilst waiting for the sun to come out…

redingote – Is it:
a) a type of terracotta roof tile?
b) a woman’s long coat with a contrasting or cutaway front?
c) a woven insulation made from reeds?
ramkie – Is it:
a) a stringed instrument resembling a guitar?
b) a small pot for storing sugar?
c) a pincushion?
batt – Is it:
a) a folding fireguard?
b) a piece of felted material used as a lining or insulating layer?
c) a block of wood used as a doorstop?
equilibrist – Is it:
a) a person who calculates risks and premiums for insurance companies?
b) a complementary therapist who focuses on balance and diet?
c) an acrobat who performs balancing feats?
pinspot – Is it:
a) a small powerful spotlight for illuminating a very small area?
b) the hole in a pinhole camera?
c) a microdot design used in 1940s fashion?
lunette – Is it:
a) a small crescent-moon-shaped cake popular in 1920s Paris?
b) a pair of eyeglasses fixed to a long handle at one side?
c) an arched opening or window, especially in a domed ceiling?
intertrigo – Is it:
a) inflammation caused by the rubbing of one area of skin on another?
b) dizziness or faintness experienced by when walking between very tall structures?
c) mental confusion experienced in the state between sleeping and waking?
guggul – Is it:
a) an intoxicating liquor made from the bark of the eucalyptus tree?
b) a non-malignant swelling found in the throats of dogs and foxes?
c) a herbal preparation made from the sticky gum of myrrh trees?
charlock – Is it:
a) a decorative clasp at the neck of a garment?
b) a wild mustard with yellow flowers?
c) a miniature variety of deer?
jackaroo – Is it:
a) a young man gaining work experience on a sheep or cattle station?
b) the cradle of material on a catapult?
c) a children’s skipping game played using pebbles and chalk?
pisco – Is it:
a) a soup made of fish and cannelloni beans?
b) a fast-paced dance based on Flamenco?
c) a white brandy made in Peru from muscat grapes?
pishogue – Is it:
a) a superstitious belief?
b) a confusion or muddle?
c) a primitive oven made from clay?
vug – Is it:
a) an elongated glass stopper used in scent bottles?
b) a rock cavity lined with mineral crystals?
c) the patch of hardened earth found caught in the tread of a boot or shoe?
For the answers and links to the OED for hours more diversion, click here.
Hmm. It’s still snowing. But then, I suppose if we didn’t have our weather, we wouldn’t have this:

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