Making the Switch – from Work to Writing

I’ve been a bit slack about blogging just recently, since I’ve just started a new job, and been temporarily overtaken by that new girl feeling of controlled panic. At least, I hope it’s temporary.

So work is looming especially large at the moment, and this led to the last post on how to tackle other areas of life in double-quick time, and is also at the root of today’s post. I’ve been pondering the switch one needs to make between work and home, to get back into a state where one can free-wheel enough to get writing.
From my perspective there seem to be two parts to this: switching off from the work-related concerns that spin round in my head, and then transferring into the right frame of mind to get creative.
On the former, I found these pages contained helpful advice:
Tips for switching off after work, courtesy of Metro Blogs
Certainly, for myself, I find getting outdoors and doing something active, as suggested in the first
The Benefits of the Great Outdoors…

article, very helpful. I’ve also recently been having physio, and the exercises I’m meant to do at home have been helpful for more than just my back. Something about the routine, and having to concentrate on holding certain positions, is great for relaxing too.

When it comes to getting into a creative frame of mind, I blogged here previously about an inspiring Horizon programme covering this topic.
I also enjoyed this article on about carving out a creative space – however small – in your home. Of course, if you’ve got the time and resources, you can really go to town on this one. Check out Novelicous’ My Writing Room series for inspiration and the writers’ rooms features from The Guardian. Note to self: must remember to do the actual writing, as well as arranging colourful files on my bookshelves…

Then this article on gives some ideas about how to use specific triggers to get into a creative mood. It also contains an onward link to a page looking at the daily routines of writers and artists. (It relates to the sort who don’t have day jobs any more!)

Have you got a favourite way of unwinding, or getting into a creative frame of mind? Please do leave a comment.

2 thoughts on “Making the Switch – from Work to Writing

  1. Loads of great advice Clare! Getting outdoors and being around beautiful scenery does inspire me, although sometimes I have to make myself do it! I've found working out of the house good too recently. There's always something else to do at home…x


  2. Thanks so much for your comment, Anita. I know what you mean about household distractions! I haven't actually tried working away from the domestic scene much. I think I will follow your lead and give it a go! x


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