The need for speed – every oven has a silver lining…

Well, actually, it’s aluminium foil. My search for time-saving tips from friends continues, and the latest suggestion comes from Bev, and revolves around lining things to avoid having to clean them. Good one.
Nothing beats flowery drawers…
She puts a clean, neat bit of foil at the base of her oven to catch stuff, but that’s not where her lining habit ends. She uses wallpaper offcuts to line kitchen drawers and shelves, enjoys the effect and then recycles and replaces as necessary. No wiping and arduous grime removal required. And it goes underneath shoes by the door, too. This led me to Google wallpaper offcuts, and discover Farrow and Ball’s tips for getting really involved with the stuff. I’m not sure I’ll get as far as the wallpaper headboard, but you never know…

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