You Think You Know Me is up on Amazon

YTYKM_Kindle 150dpi (2)I know that, when you sign a contract for a book with a publisher, the logical end result is that, in the fullness of time, that book will become available to buy.

That’s all fine in theory.

But, now You Think You Know Me is available for pre-order, I find I still can’t quite believe it. I mean, I remember going through the editing process, and falling deeply in love with Berni Stevens’ amazing cover design, and all those things. But…

Thanks a million to Choc Lit, my family (who never appeared to grind their teeth, however annoying I must have been), and everyone who’s helped me get to this point.

In a nod to Kisses & Cupcakes, the new Choc Lit anthology of short stories and recipes, here are the ingredients for You Think You Know Me:

Tested Loyalty
Secrets and Lies
Murder (100% of your recommended daily intake)

Thanks so much to those who’ve pre-ordered. And for anyone who’d like to find out more, the Amazon page is here. I do hope you enjoy the book!

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