A Stranger’s House is on offer at 99p!

Having vowed to pipe down after the recent publicity blitz, I have to break my promise as I’ve just found out that my first Cambridge mystery, A Stranger’s House, is on promotion across all digital platforms from 14th – 17th February. If you’re tempted, you can connect to your favourite ebook provider here (assuming this whizzy new link works…)

For a flavour of the book, here are photos of some of its settings, and a few review quotes:

An old-style murder mystery, with lots of class.”

Midsummer Common, Cambridge

Ah the story of Ruby and Nate! Clare Chase is an expert at weaving together suspense and romance, the hint of tragedy in the past and of a blossoming future if only…

IMG_1450 - Copy
Strawberry Fair

“A really enjoyable read and highly recommended for those of you who love a good sleuth!”

Jesus Green at dusk

“One hell of a page turner with lots of twists and turns.”

The River Cam

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