Cover reveal: Mystery at Magpie Lodge @bookouture

After a notorious ghosthunter is found dead, the village of Saxford St Peter is quick to decide that something spooky is at work. But Eve Mallow is on the hunt for an all-too-human suspect…

I’m delighted to say that the seventh book in the Eve Mallow seriesMystery at Magpie Lodge is now available to pre-order on Amazon Kindle. If you’d prefer a paperback, you’ll be able to order that from the same page shortly before publication day on 6th January 2022.

Here’s the cover:

And here’s the reader description:

When down-on-his-luck Emory Fulton moves into crumbling Magpie Lodge, and starts running ghost tours, the locals are none too pleased. He’s inventing grisly tales about their lovely little village, and disturbing everyone’s peace.

But then he’s found dead in his bath, and everyone is suddenly running scared. Could something otherworldly be at work? After all, the murder mirrors one of Fulton’s spooky stories…

But Eve Mallow is sure the killer has a much more human motive.

Accompanied by her stalwart dachshund sidekick Gus, she starts to dig a little deeper. Could the culprit be Fulton’s snobbish bigwig brother, or the suspicious local skeptic? Why was his goddaughter handing him mysterious parcels, and why wouldn’t his sister-in-law let him in her house?

As Eve unravels the secrets of the living and the dead, one thing is for sure: Fulton was a haunted, hunted man. And if Eve doesn’t crack the case soon, she might have a close encounter of the deadly kind too…

If you’ve missed any previous books in the series, you can catch up here:

  1. Mystery on Hidden Lane
  2. Mystery at Apple Tree Cottage
  3. Mystery at Seagrave Hall
  4. Mystery at the Old Mill
  5. Mystery at the Abbey Hotel
  6. Mystery at the Church (available for pre-order – out next week!)

A flavour of the Eve Mallow series

I do hope you enjoy Eve’s next case!

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