The Joys of Comfort Reading

Recently I’ve been indulging in some extensive comfort reading; returning to authors from whom I know exactly what to expect, and re-reading old favourites. One novelist that fits right into this category is Donna Leon. I find it faintly worrying that a murder mystery series seems comforting; particularly since some of her books have pretty bleak … Continue reading The Joys of Comfort Reading

Hooks in Fiction – Five of the Best

I had a lovely lazy breakfast on Sunday, reading the latest issue of Mslexia. I’ve blogged about this magazine for women writers before. For a taste of what’s in the latest issue, click here. Inspiration is a regular section, which currently includes a series of articles on basic elements of fiction. The format is a … Continue reading Hooks in Fiction – Five of the Best

Crime Fiction – how important is the puzzle?

I recently followed a link circulating on Twitter to an article by Ian Rankin in The Daily Mail. Rankin was giving ten tips on crime writing, and since he’s one of my favourite authors, I thought they’d be well worth a look. I was interested to learn that Rankin never set out to be a … Continue reading Crime Fiction – how important is the puzzle?

A Sense of Place in Fiction: Five of the Best

  Following on from last week’s post on creating a sense of place in fiction, I felt the urge to recommend five of my favourite novels that combine evocative descriptions with involving plots: The Sea House by Esther Freud. For me reading this book was like diving under water and immersing myself in another world. … Continue reading A Sense of Place in Fiction: Five of the Best

Extreme Reading – Tideline by Penny Hancock

Reading and ironing are never a great mix, but I found Tideline the sort of book you're compelled to apply yourself to without pause, whilst walking downstairs, chopping vegetables and so on. After a minor burn I realised I’d just have to abandon everything else until I’d finished the story. Tideline is a thriller which … Continue reading Extreme Reading – Tideline by Penny Hancock

Pass the Matchsticks…

Well, the results of the Novelicious Undiscovered 2012 competition are out now, and you can read the winning entries here.It’s been great to be involved, and I’m really proud to have been shortlisted. Kirsty, Novelcious' editor, was also lovely to deal with and has exciting news herself at the moment, a new book, Yours Truly, … Continue reading Pass the Matchsticks…

Novelicious and Romantic Mysteries

Voting is now open for Novelicious Undiscovered 2012, with the voting form here and my entry here if anyone would like to take a look or vote.The extract I’ve submitted is from a romantic thriller. I realise that from childhood up, I’ve enjoyed this sort of combination. I used to pore over adventure stories like … Continue reading Novelicious and Romantic Mysteries