Write Stuff – Advice c/o Cambridge Wordfest

  As promised, here is a follow-up post relaying the excellent advice for aspiring authors provided at Getting Published Today, a Wordfest event that took place on Saturday. Those passing on their tips were: Nicola Morgan - an award-winning author of 90 books and giver of crabbit advice to aspiring writers everywhere. Nicola runs a … Continue reading Write Stuff – Advice c/o Cambridge Wordfest

Write Stuff – Turning the Pages

After a day of data-entry and tomato scrubbing (don’t ask) I was keen to relax and catch up with the on-line writing group I belong to. One of the lovely members had posted a link to an article by novelist, Chuck Wendig, outlining 25 reasons a potential reader might give up on your book. Sounded … Continue reading Write Stuff – Turning the Pages

Write Stuff – What’s the Big Idea?

Why is it bad to ask authors where they get their ideas from? I hasten to add that I’ve never committed this sin in person (and it does seem to be a sin in the eyes of many writers). Neil Gaiman describes having to answer the question as one of the pitfalls of the job. … Continue reading Write Stuff – What’s the Big Idea?