Stuck in the middle

I've just reached the middle section of the novel I'm writing. I went through a low point 12,000 words in, when everything felt like an uphill struggle, but then I hit my stride. However, things have slowed up again in the last week. It’s partly the sheer amount of other stuff happening with life in … Continue reading Stuck in the middle

My Writing Process – Blog Hop

Many thanks to Jean Bull for tagging me in this blog hop. Jean is a member of the Romantic Novelists’ Association’s New Writers’ Scheme, and her 1929-set novel, Gypsy Moth, is available on Amazon. You can read the lovely reviews she’s had and find out more here. Jean also blogs, and you can follow her … Continue reading My Writing Process – Blog Hop

Top Trumps for Character Development

Since it’s nearly Christmas, and I don’t fancy putting any psychopath-related pictures on my blog, here’s a Cambridgey one instead: Ridley Hall, Cambridge, December 2013 A week ago, links to a psychopath test were circulating on Twitter; it had been put on-line by Channel Four, in the run up a related programme. I had a … Continue reading Top Trumps for Character Development

Writing Exercises – Five of the Best

In Cambridge, the weather has been like this: Everything is dripping… Nice weather for ducks, snails and slugs, and also for staying indoors, reading and writing.   I’ve been battening down the hatches and eating blackberry and apple crumble. Then, feeling shifty and unproductive, I decided to get focussed and revisit some writing prompts, ready … Continue reading Writing Exercises – Five of the Best

Making the Switch – from Work to Writing

I’ve been a bit slack about blogging just recently, since I’ve just started a new job, and been temporarily overtaken by that new girl feeling of controlled panic. At least, I hope it’s temporary. So work is looming especially large at the moment, and this led to the last post on how to tackle other … Continue reading Making the Switch – from Work to Writing

Writing Inspiration – real life hooks, and the benefits of snooping

I wrote a couple of weeks back about my favourite hooks in fiction, but recently the importance of real-life hooks has come home to me, as triggers for my own story ideas. It’s always the tale part told that fires my imagination – a half heard conversation, a historical story where the full truth has … Continue reading Writing Inspiration – real life hooks, and the benefits of snooping

Hooks in Fiction – Five of the Best

I had a lovely lazy breakfast on Sunday, reading the latest issue of Mslexia. I’ve blogged about this magazine for women writers before. For a taste of what’s in the latest issue, click here. Inspiration is a regular section, which currently includes a series of articles on basic elements of fiction. The format is a … Continue reading Hooks in Fiction – Five of the Best

Crime Fiction – how important is the puzzle?

I recently followed a link circulating on Twitter to an article by Ian Rankin in The Daily Mail. Rankin was giving ten tips on crime writing, and since he’s one of my favourite authors, I thought they’d be well worth a look. I was interested to learn that Rankin never set out to be a … Continue reading Crime Fiction – how important is the puzzle?

Proofreading… Something Gained (and Something Lost)

I have spent a lot of the last week and a half proofreading my work. I’ve got a nasty feeling I’ll still have missed mistakes, but at least with each sweep I weed out a few more clangers. My proofreading has removed some unconscious humour, and since I generally like the odd laugh, I can’t … Continue reading Proofreading… Something Gained (and Something Lost)

Clean the bath to kick-start Creativity

I recently watched The Creative Brain, an episode of Horizon looking at how moments of inspiration come about. I found it fascinating, and I’m sure one of the reasons I enjoyed it so much was that it chimed in with my own experience. It was so nice (and, let's be honest, rare) to find something … Continue reading Clean the bath to kick-start Creativity