Stuck in the middle

I’ve just reached the middle section of the novel I’m writing. I went through a low point 12,000 words in, when everything felt like an uphill struggle, but then I hit my stride. However, things have slowed up again in the last week. It’s partly the sheer amount of other stuff happening with life in … More Stuck in the middle

Writing Exercises – Five of the Best

In Cambridge, the weather has been like this: Everything is dripping… Nice weather for ducks, snails and slugs, and also for staying indoors, reading and writing.   I’ve been battening down the hatches and eating blackberry and apple crumble. Then, feeling shifty and unproductive, I decided to get focussed and revisit some writing prompts, ready … More Writing Exercises – Five of the Best

Writing Inspiration – real life hooks, and the benefits of snooping

I wrote a couple of weeks back about my favourite hooks in fiction, but recently the importance of real-life hooks has come home to me, as triggers for my own story ideas. It’s always the tale part told that fires my imagination – a half heard conversation, a historical story where the full truth has … More Writing Inspiration – real life hooks, and the benefits of snooping

Proofreading… Something Gained (and Something Lost)

I have spent a lot of the last week and a half proofreading my work. I’ve got a nasty feeling I’ll still have missed mistakes, but at least with each sweep I weed out a few more clangers. My proofreading has removed some unconscious humour, and since I generally like the odd laugh, I can’t … More Proofreading… Something Gained (and Something Lost)