The Wonderful Westfield Gang

I’d been eagerly anticipating last weekend for weeks before it happened. It was the annual get-together of my old university 2015_1003_193428AAgang. It’s always a real tonic – hours of catching up, a lot of laughs (and some very fine food and drink, come to that)! Very many thanks to our wonderful hosts, as ever, who always make the whole thing look effortless, when I know it must be anything but!

When I arrived at their place, I instantly spotted that something extra was going on…

I found that everyone had been involved, and ‘she of the really red shoes’ had been book and champagne buying, ready for a signing session!

The whole gang have been supremely encouraging about my writing 2015_1003_182354AAand have done the most brilliant effervescent whooping each time I’ve had a breakthrough. They’re an amazing set of treasured friends, and I’ll have very fond memories of last weekend (undimmed by the quantity of fizz consumed)!

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