A three-book deal with @bookouture!

I’ve been very quiet on the blogging front recently. At first it was because I was working on a new series, and I hadn’t sorted it out enough to report back. Then it was because I’d realised it might fit best with a new publisher. And finally it was because I’d found the most fantastic … Continue reading A three-book deal with @bookouture!

Book update: One Dark Lie – cover reveal and book blurb

On Tuesday, the lovely Karen Mace hosted the cover reveal for One Dark Lie on her blog, Books and Me, which means I’m now allowed to share it here too. As ever, I feel that ace designer, Berni Stevens, has done a fantastic job. (And I love the fact that she's managed to include a … Continue reading Book update: One Dark Lie – cover reveal and book blurb

Book update: One Dark Lie – one step closer #crimefiction

In the last week, publication of book number three has jumped a step closer. The title – One Dark Lie – has been confirmed, and I’ve also seen some cover designs. I’m itching to share them – I love each of the options – but I’m not allowed to until things are finalised! The novel … Continue reading Book update: One Dark Lie – one step closer #crimefiction

The London and Cambridge mysteries

Later this year, my second novel’s due to be published. The action takes place in Cambridge, and it has a new set of characters. Meanwhile, I’ve written a follow-up novella to You Think You Know Me (set in London once again) and also a second book in the Cambridge series. Both strands have something in … Continue reading The London and Cambridge mysteries

The Wonderful Westfield Gang

I’d been eagerly anticipating last weekend for weeks before it happened. It was the annual get-together of my old university gang. It’s always a real tonic – hours of catching up, a lot of laughs (and some very fine food and drink, come to that)! Very many thanks to our wonderful hosts, as ever, who … Continue reading The Wonderful Westfield Gang

A London marathon and a Cambridge mystery

Several exciting things have happened since I last posted. We were in London at the weekend to watch DH romp home in the marathon. We were incredibly lucky to get passes to the grandstands so we had an amazing view. I felt really emotional watching the winners, Paula Radcliffe and of course, my husband, dashing … Continue reading A London marathon and a Cambridge mystery

You think you know me…

So, Anna in the Works has a new title – You Think You Know Me! (The exclamation mark is not part of it – that’s just me being excited.) Choc Lit sent me a list of six suggestions, of which I really liked three, and this one best of all. I’m pleased that it hints … Continue reading You think you know me…

Preparing for publication – edits and titles

Now that October's here again, I’ve found myself looking back over the last twelve months. This time in 2013, I was on the point of submitting my novel, Anna in the Works, to Choc Lit. Around five months after that, they emailed to say their reading panel had liked it. I was at work at … Continue reading Preparing for publication – edits and titles

Grantchester Meadows

As ever, I’m finding it hard to let go of summer. In the last week, the warmth’s returned to Cambridge, but it’s been overlaid with the signs of autumn. The spiders are everywhere in the garden and I need bike lights if I'm out after 7.30pm. 7.30! What happened? I’m also missing the freewheeling that … Continue reading Grantchester Meadows

Books, buckets and blogs…

Tagging has been the order of the day in the last couple of weeks.First of all I got tagged on FB to list ten books that have stayed with me over the years. (Thanks, Julie - although I agonised over the list, it was great fun!) I finally came up with:The Cuckoo Tree by Joan … Continue reading Books, buckets and blogs…