A Cambridge post – Strawberry Fair forever

It’s felt like winter for the last few days in Cambridge, but this Saturday marks a special day in the city’s calendar that in my head (and let’s face it, only there…) heralds summer. Strawberry Fair is a free annual festival that takes place next to the river, on Midsummer Common, on the first Saturday in June. I’ve been there in all weathers, but last year it was sunny, and that’s how it appears in my latest mystery, A Stranger’s House. As Ruby tries to get used to the oppressive, shadowy villa she’s minding, with all its associated secrets, she sees the hot hubbub, colour and quirkiness of the Fair from her window. She joins the thronging crowds for an hour, but the house is still in view and fills her mind. At last she goes back inside, and realises she’s not alone…

In case you’re in the area and feel like attending, you can find the Strawberry Fair website here.

And this is what it was like last year… (In slideshow format!! I didn’t even know WordPress provided this facility. It must be a long time since I’ve blogged …)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

4 thoughts on “A Cambridge post – Strawberry Fair forever

  1. Looks and sounds like a great event, Clare. I can see where and why it inspired your storytelling. I hope the sun shines for it tomorrow. ‘Bout time summer arrived! 🙂 X


  2. I love it when I visit a place or catch sight of something that gives me that little fizz of ‘oooh, I wonder…’ Your photos showed exactly why the Strawberry Fair lit a spark for you.

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