7 today! Happy birthday Choc Lit!

Today marks my publisher, Choc Lit’s, seventh birthday. Of course, I’m keen to mark the occasion – and it’s important to stay on theme. This makes me very happy!


Choc Lit is celebrating on Twitter, Facebook and its blog, posting giveways and birthday-themed short stories throughout the day.

For me, it’s a chance to say an official birthday thank you to them. They’re a wonderful publisher to be with.  Here are seven things they offer:

Professionalism – I always feel as though I’m being dealt with fairly and efficiently.

Friendliness – in spite of the professionalism mentioned above, there’s also a nice, informal feel to relations with the Choc Lit team, which makes it easy to raise queries or contribute ideas.

Opportunities – since signing with Choc Lit, they’ve not only got me into print, but also onto radio, into magazines and on Lovereading, where You Think You Know Me was featured as a debut of the month.

Good communications – If I have a query, Choc Lit come back with a prompt and informative answer. I also find I’m kept in the loop about new developments, and often given insights into the business reasons behind a decision, which is fascinating.

Quality – Right from the start, I was attracted by Choc Lit’s covers, designed by the wonderful Berni Stevens. I’m proud to have such amazing artwork on my books. And Choc Lit’s editorial process is rigorous, with multiple stages involved in producing a polished end product.

Camaraderie – Choc Lit facilitates social interaction between its authors, and this is a huge plus, as they’re a fantastic and supportive bunch.

An innovative approach – I love the lively ideas Choc Lit has for promoting and developing their brand – from round robins where a number of authors contribute to a short story, to the free flash fiction they regularly email out to subscribers. (You can sign up to receive this in pdf format by emailing info@choc-lit.com with the word Treat! in the subject line). Meanwhile, they’ve recently launched a number of new imprints, including the one I’m now published under, Death by Choc Lit.

So happy birthday once again, Choc Lit – I’m definitely celebrating this end!



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