The power of three – Trinity punts

Summer has arrived in Cambridge and it’s perfect weather for punting, so long as you don’t mind company…


There are multiple options if you’d like to take to the river, either for hiring your own punt or letting a chauffeur take the strain.

Something I only became aware of recently is that the Trinity College punts – available for hire by both students and members of the public – have interesting names, all associated with the number three, just like the college.

Looking at this picture…

Boats On The River Cam

…I could work out some of the connections, but not all, so I had to get googling. Codon led me to a page on BBC Bitesize. Look, I remember learning about DNA at school, OK? But I don’t remember any mention of codons. (Then again, it is going back a bit…) And Diabolus in Musica found me temporarily stuck on a Wikipedia page about a thrash metal band, until I spotted the link to the real answer.

DH (who’s a chemist) and my employer’s website helped out with lithium. (I was on the point of guessing that one, obviously…)

OK. So maybe ‘Point turn’ and ‘Gruff’ are more my level…

On a totally unrelated, bookish side note, I’ve just found out that One Dark Lie is currently reduced to 99p across all ebook platforms, if anyone fancies snapping up a copy!

5 thoughts on “The power of three – Trinity punts

    1. Oh wow – that sounds brilliant! I’ll have to see if we can get along to it! (Good luck to your colleague!) I thought of you as I typed the post. Ros would have got the tritone link straightaway but she wasn’t around when I was doing my puzzling!


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