My experience of the editing process

So, the edits for my second novel are finally finished. Once again, it’s been a really thorough process, making me feel that every aspect has been considered, to make the book the best it can be. Here's how the system works for those published by Choc Lit: The Tasting Panel Choc Lit has a panel … Continue reading My experience of the editing process

The London and Cambridge mysteries

Later this year, my second novel’s due to be published. The action takes place in Cambridge, and it has a new set of characters. Meanwhile, I’ve written a follow-up novella to You Think You Know Me (set in London once again) and also a second book in the Cambridge series. Both strands have something in … Continue reading The London and Cambridge mysteries

The Wonderful Westfield Gang

I’d been eagerly anticipating last weekend for weeks before it happened. It was the annual get-together of my old university gang. It’s always a real tonic – hours of catching up, a lot of laughs (and some very fine food and drink, come to that)! Very many thanks to our wonderful hosts, as ever, who … Continue reading The Wonderful Westfield Gang

Did I miss September?

I realise quite a lot has happened since I last posted. My debut novel, You Think You Know Me, came out in paperback on 7th September. Very many thanks are due to Choc Lit for their amazing support and all the promo they organised around the date. I was delighted that the book was picked … Continue reading Did I miss September?

Out today: Please Release Me by Rhoda Baxter

Today I’m posting in celebration of the launch of Rhoda Baxter’s new novel, Please Release Me. It's out today, and sitting on my Kindle ready to go! Here’s the blurb, so you can see why I was tempted: What if you could only watch as your bright future slipped away from you? Sally Cummings has … Continue reading Out today: Please Release Me by Rhoda Baxter

Highlights from #RNAconf15

I attended the RNA Conference for the first time this year and it was fantastic. I was only around for the Saturday, but I still managed to catch up with a lot of friends and the talks were fascinating too. One of the huge learning curves for me since getting published has been self promotion. … Continue reading Highlights from #RNAconf15

Six top writing tips (& Happy Birthday Choc Lit!)

Today marks the sixth birthday of my publisher, Choc Lit, and we're all celebrating. There's a birthday round robin story to follow on Choc Lit’s blog and you can also join in by checking out #choclitparty on Twitter. And in a tenuous birthday link, I'm sharing the six bits of writing advice I've found most useful over the years. … Continue reading Six top writing tips (& Happy Birthday Choc Lit!)

A London marathon and a Cambridge mystery

Several exciting things have happened since I last posted. We were in London at the weekend to watch DH romp home in the marathon. We were incredibly lucky to get passes to the grandstands so we had an amazing view. I felt really emotional watching the winners, Paula Radcliffe and of course, my husband, dashing … Continue reading A London marathon and a Cambridge mystery

To cut a long story short…

Now is traditionally the time to leave behind the Christmas excess and forge ahead with new plans… I’m quite keen on the forging ahead bit, but will miss the excess. I find I’ve got used to it. Why are there only crumbs left at the bottom of the mince pie tin? Last year (as you … Continue reading To cut a long story short…

Publishing Promo – Six (semi) techie things I’ve learned

And these are just my known unknowns...! Facebook You can have more than one name on your profile page. If you’ve got a pen name, you can have that in brackets under your real one, or vice versa. I have a Clare Chase author page, but my personal account was still solely under my legal … Continue reading Publishing Promo – Six (semi) techie things I’ve learned