Naked cowboys, s’mores and stuff…

The summer (and I’m stretching that term to cover everything from when I last posted until now…) went in a flash. It was a rich mixture of kids taking big exams, holidays, edits on book three (due out soon) and then new beginnings (one child off to uni, one starting at sixth form college).

So the Cambridge summer was mainly like this (ie actually warm and dry – most unusual):

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And the travels included some of this (the odd naked cowboy, but nothing to get alarmed about):

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Our time in the US included a trip to the West Coast, to visit much-missed friends, which was really wonderful. The beach in the above slideshow is Oceanside in Oregon, and that was where Andy and Ken introduced us to the delicacy that is s’mores. It’s a treat to be had in the evening, round a campfire as the embers burn low. You toast marshmallows, and then sandwich them with a square of chocolate between two pieces of graham cracker.

It was emotional saying goodbye to our friends, emotional finishing the last of the s’mores, and emotional seeing our eldest off to uni, but at this point I have to quote Andrew from the Bake Off and say, I know I am a (very) lucky duck.

2 thoughts on “Naked cowboys, s’mores and stuff…

  1. It sounds as if you and yours made the most of every bit of summer – naked cowboys and all! I’m very excited to hear about Book 3 – I loved A Stranger’s House.

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    1. Thanks so much, Chris! It was lovely to have such an adventure all together as a family before our eldest went off to uni. And thanks for your lovely comment about ASH too! All the very best for your race at the weekend. x


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