Book update: One Dark Lie – one step closer #crimefiction

In the last week, publication of book number three has jumped a step closer. The title – One Dark Lie – has been confirmed, and I’ve also seen some cover designs. I’m itching to share them – I love each of the options – but I’m not allowed to until things are finalised!

The novel will be my second mystery set in Cambridge, once again featuring Ruby Fawcett and Nate Bastable.

Ruby’s taken on a job writing the biography of murdered academic, Diana Patrick-John. Nate’s not ecstatic, given that her brief involves lodging in the dead professor’s house with her womanizing brother. What’s more, Diana’s murderer hasn’t been caught yet. But as far as Ruby’s concerned, he’s in no position to complain. It’s his increasingly distant behaviour that’s causing problems. It’s almost as though he had something to hide…

The book’s set in the run-up to Christmas, and (as you’d guess from the title) is all about lies: how easy it is to tell them, how hard they are to forgive, and how fragile the status quo can be once the truth is uncovered.

The cover and official blurb will be revealed shortly, with publication in December. Thanks as ever to my lovely publisher, Choc Lit, for all their hard work.

My other big book news is that A Stranger’s House (the first Ruby and Nate Mystery) will be out in paperback on 28th February, and to prove it, here’s the Amazon link…!

Given that One Dark Lie is set in winter, here’s Cambridge in the snow:


4 thoughts on “Book update: One Dark Lie – one step closer #crimefiction

    1. Thanks so much, Amanda – that is nice of you, and I really appreciate your involvement! I’m glad I took all those snowy pictures in previous years – it’s currently raining very heavily! Hope the weather’s good with you and that all’s well! 🙂

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